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Why Private lessons work

Private Lessons are the best way to achieve results in the shortest period of time. You will move at your own pace with individualized attention. You will refine your dancing skills, while improving faster than everyone else around you!

Here is what private lessons can do for you!

  • Confidence on the dance floor. There is way more information involved in dancing than we can convey in a 50 minute group class session; we can give you better & more specific information in a private lesson
  • Feel the music. For some, staying on-beat can be a challenging thing when first starting to dance. A few of us can’t even find the beat! Personalized coaching can help train your ear to listen to the beat, move to it, and find better ways to express yourself to the music.
  • Follow or Lead any move with ease. Do you find yourself trying to ‘lead’ a move and your partner doesn’t seem to ‘follow’? Do you have a hard time understanding what your lead is trying to tell you? Does your dance experience consist of ‘yanking and pulling’? We can fix that.
  • Achieve your dream! Whether you have always wanted to perform and compete, or whether you simply want to be super comfortable on the dance floor enjoying the music - Private lessons can get you to your goals.

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Important info before your 1st lesson

To schedule a private lesson please request an appointment online or call us at 801.466.0490 to schedule over the phone. Please note that our private lessons are a pre-paid service - you will need to make a payment when we confirm your appointment.
Please wear something comfortable to your 1st lesson and pay attention to your shoes. We recommend shoes with smooth leather soles so you avoid sticking or slipping on the dance floor. Dance shoes are available for sale at the studio and are always a must for every serious dancer.
As with any other type of reservation we do require a notification period prior to cancellations and/or changes to an appointment. We require you to give us 24-hours notice in order to make any changes to your appointments. You can notify us by leaving a voice message at (801) 466-0490 or by sending us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. during our business hours. Please, do not attempt to contact your instructor; any changes to your schedule must be done through the studio. Please notice that the cancellations for Monday appointments have to be done by 4pm on Saturday. Our policy is to charge the full amount for all “late cancellations” unless we can find another student to take your time slot.
The cost of a single private lesson is $75/50min appt. The price is the same for 1 or 2 people in a lesson. Our packages are a great way to get the best value from private lessons. The cost per lesson drops to $70, $65 and even $60. Please see our pricing page for more details.
Although every effort is made to insure that you meet with your chosen instructor, the studio cannot guarantee the same instructor throughout the duration of your lessons. At DF Dance Studio we work as a team. Instructors use standardized lesson plans and syllabi, they take notes on their students’ progress, and communicate among themselves weekly through meetings. In general, most students committed to their learning meet with several instructors with similar and different specialties, in order to receive a well-rounded training and better learning experience.
The simple answer is: it depends. Just as with any other skill, dancing depends on how much time is spent learning and practicing, how each individual learns, and most importantly, what your definition of being “good” is. Usually your first dance lesson will be key to understand at what pace you’ll be able to learn, as well as the approximate timeframe to achieve your goal.